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Boriz Werkhoven

Founder of BWVISUALS.

BWVISUALS is a video production company founded in 2020, based in Amsterdam.
It has produced music videos, commercials and short films for clients based in The Netherlands, France, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Ghana, Rwanda, Turkey and The United States.

Starting with filmmaking in 2014, Boriz has learned filmmaking through years of experience. Using professional filmmaking gear and a creative mindset your future project is guaranteed to be of high quality.

BWVISUALS is a one man army videomaker, meaning that the (pre)production, and postproduction fase is carried out by one person. This results in a clear project vision, easy communication and low costs.

For an impression of the supplied quality:


"I love to be able to share my passion with my clients and collaborate on new projects. Working together while being creative is one of the best things of producing visual content."
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